ldenman - Digital Scribble


I am most passionate about people, programming, the internet, guitar, good food, books, and tea. I currently reside in Portland, Oregon.

My first program was written on a TI-83+ calculator - it was a menu based game in BASIC for a class project in middle school. A few years later, after some guidance from a teacher, I became proficient in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, had taken a Java programming class, and was building hobby web projects with Ruby on Rails.

Ten years later, I am a full-stack developer. I've collaborated with a number of startups and fortune 500 companies as well as contributed to hobby and open source projects. Today, I am developing a top-secret project for foodies by foodies.

(def topics-i-may-write-about
  '("Functional programming"
    "Immutable data structures"
    "Clojure, ClojureScript, Lisp"
    "Ruby on Rails 4/5"
    "Emacs configurations"
    "Emacs Organization and GTD"
    "Linux System administration"
    "Open source audio recording tools"
    "Playing rpgs, minecraft, retro games, nethack"
    "Musical things"))